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Parallel Session 5: Technology Services and Trade Forum

Parallel Session 5: Technology Services and Trade Forum

Time: 14:00-16:50,Nov.9, 2020

Venue: Yuanming Hall, Conference Center of Zhongguancun Exhibition and Transfer Center



Opening Ceremony

Wei Dan, CCTV host


Leader’s Address

-Shu Wei , Member of  the Leading Party Members' Group, Executive Secretary of the China  Association for Science and Technology (CAST)

-Nigel Fine, Chief Executive and  Secretary of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)


Signing Ceremony

China Centre for  International Science and Technology Exchange (CISTE), Georgia  Institute of Technology and International  Technology Transfer Cooperation Network (ITTN)sign the cooperation agreement on the  project of Innovative Technology Commercialization Professionals (ITCP)


Establishment of the International Advisory  Board

- Chen Wenqi, Deputy Inspector of the Administrative  Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park

-The Establishment of theInternational  Technology Transfer Strategic Development Advisory Board of the Network for  International Cooperation on Technology Commercialization (NICTC) and the  Appointment Ceremony of the First Batch ofAdvisory Board Members

International Advisory BoardMembers Include:

-Tony Raven, CEO of Cambridge  Enterprise, University of Cambridge, UK

-Nathan Pike, CEO of Training  Department, Oxentia, University of Oxford, UK

-Plinio Innocenzi, Former Scientific  and Technological Counsellor of The Italian Embassy in China, Professor,  College of Chemical Materials, University of Sassari, Italy

-Luigi Nicolais, Former Italian  Minister for Public Management, Reform and Innovation, President of Campania  Digital Innovation Hub, CEO of the Materias s.r.l.

- Vincenzo Lipardi, CEO of Company  for Innovation Cooperation and Internationalization SPICI, Vice Chairman of  Campania Newsteel, Italy, Co-Founder of China-Italy Technology Transfer  Center

-Dieter Flämig, Former Secretary  of Berlin, Germany, Executive Chairman of INFRANEU, and Chairman of INFRAWIND

-Carl A. Rust, Vice President  for International Cooperation and Senior Director of the Industrial  Cooperation Office at Georgia Institute of Technology

- Yao Weihao, Director, Office of Science and Technology  Department, Peking University

-Wang  Yan, President,  Tsinghua University Technology Transfer Institute

-Chen Baiqiang, Deputy  Director-General of BIT Technology Transfer Center, Secretary-General of  Beijing University Technology TransferAlliance

-Zhang  Lei, WTO Chair,  Deans of Trade Negotiation School and WTO Chair Institute-China at Shanghai  University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE); WTO Chair Holder  selected by the World Trade Organization (WTO)

-Lei  Juan, Vice Director,  West China Medicine Technology Transfer Center; Deputy Secretary-General, the  National Precision Medicine Industry Innovation Allianceat West China  Hospital;

- Zhang Huiyu,  Director of Business Development, Beijing Changfeng Information Technology  Industry Alliance


Keynote Speech

Wei Dan, CCTV host


Practice and  Thinking of  How Venture Capital Promotes the Transformation of Scientific and  Technical Achievements

-Zhu Feng, Director of  Venture Capital and General Manager of Strategic Development Department of Baidu


China-Italy  Technology Transfer Cooperation Helps Build A China-EU Innovation Hub

-Sergio  Cavalieri, Chancellor for  Tech Transfer and Innovation, University of Bergamo, Member of the Steering  Committee of the Italian National Plan on Research lead by the Italian  Government.


Trade, Sustainable Development & Intellectual  Property: Why It Matters Today

-Antony Taubman, the Intellectual  Property, Government Procurement and Competition Division of WTO, with  responsibility for the WTO’s programs on intellectual property, competition  policy and government procurement.

Innovative Cooperation Dialogue Among  China-EU Academic Institutions

John Zhang,  Secretary General of International Technology Transfer Network


Dialogue among experts from academic institutions and industrial associations in China,  Italy, the UK, Germany, Sweden and other  European countries in the key areas of China-EU cooperation such as  sustainable development, AI, and new energy, in order to comply with the  international development trend, meet the needs of the interdisciplinary  development of emerging disciplines, actively explore the cross-border  innovative cooperation model among academic institutions, guide the effective  gathering of innovative teams and resources, enhance the development  flexibility and adaptability of academic institutions, and inspire greater  innovative vitality.

-Vincent Cassidy, Director of  Academic Markets of Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET

-Carlo Sansone, Full Professor of  Computer Science, University of Naples Federico II, Italy; Member of The IEEE  and of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR), Director-designate  of National Consortium for Informatics(CINI)

-Alexander Yu Li, Project Manager,  Asian affairs discretionary and independent consultant in INFRANEU and German  Strategic GmbH, Vice Chairman of INFRAWIND Eurasian

-Dr. Lennart BM Svensson, co-founder  and manager of PhotonicSweden (PS), board member of the Swedish Optical  Society, Research Assistant at KTH

-Zhang Yanmin, Executive Vice  Chairman of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

-Xu Qinhua, Secretary General of  China Energy Research Association Renewable Energy Committee

-Dr. He Hong, Chief Representative of Helmholtz Association of German Research  Centres, Beijing Representative Office